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Admipola S.L, Administración de Fincas y Comunidades. Santa Pola (Alicante)

Admipola S.L, Administration of homeowners and Communities. Santa Pola (Alicante)
ADMIPOLA, SL, as Property Administration, started its career with a young and renovating air at the end of 2006. It has its facilities in Calle Hernán Cortés 9 in Santa Pola, and we are doing our work with the desire to innovate, and to carry our ideas with all the possible illusion.

We are growing at a good pace, thanks to the trust that our clients place in us every day. We have our volume of clients in Santa Pola, but thanks to those who trust us, we are expanding through Elche, Los Arenales del Sol and surroundings.

The Administration of Estates and Communities of owners, is nowadays an essential service, both for the proper functioning of the facilities, and for the solution of numerous problems that often arise living in community. In this sense, and with the experience that day after day gives us our work, we recycle continuously to offer all the options and services, and that are adapted to the concrete needs of each Community, from the basic support of the Administrator proper, as to complete plans of services to Communities.

I present an orientative relation of the functions that this Administration offers to its Community for the best management of it. Our work is aimed at making coexistence more comfortable, carry out a comprehensive maintenance of the community with the most competitive and economic budgets, while fully guaranteed, and inform all residents as best as possible about the aspects related to their Community.

In the case of Communities that are newly created, without any kind of commitment, we made a first contact / meeting with neighbors, where we make ourselves known, and detail the services offered by our Administration, and if the neighbors so decide , a new Assembly for the constitution of the Community will be convened in the same act or later.

The legal functions of the Administrator are included in Article 20 of the Horizontal Property Law, which determines the actions and obligations of the same:

  • Ensure the good regime of the residential , its facilities and services, and for this purpose the warnings and warnings to neighbors who fail to comply.
  • Prepare in time and form, as well as submit to the Board of Owners the expense plan, proposing the necessary means to deal with them.
  • Special attention to the conservation and entertainment of the residential, having the measures that are urgent, giving immediate account of the same to the President or, as the case may be, to the owners.
  • Execution of the agreements adopted in the different Boards, regarding works / improvements / reforms, execution of the payments that proceed, as well as the necessary collections.
  • Acting where appropriate as Secretary of the Board and custody of the documentation of the Community available to the co-owners.
  • All the powers conferred on the Boards.

It should be said that in practice the functions of the Secretary-Administrator become more complex, with the Professional Administrator exercising, among others, the following functions:

  • Drafting of the Compulsory Acts, and proceed to the rectification of possible defects and errors, for subsequent approval and final copy in the official record book (Article 19 L.P.H.)
  • Preparation, legalization, completion and custody of the minutes books of the Owners’ Meetings, keeping all the relevant documentation for the minimum term of five years established by Law (Art.19.4 L.P.H.).
  • Control of the collection of receipts by direct debit, or transfers.
  • Presentation of the tax returns to which the Community takes place.
  • Call and celebration of the Annual Owners’ Meetings, or Extraordinary if applicable.
  • Community correspondence management.
  • Certification of the debt status of a home or premises, when it is going to proceed to a change of ownership or alienation of the property.
  • Administrative management of defaults, as well as official communication of the debtors or debtors of the Community. In this sense, this Administration for free, makes available to the Community our legal debt claim service, by sending buro-fax, as well as the full procedure of lawyers and attorneys, for the claim both through the judicial and Extrajudicial of unpaid installments to the Community.
  • We take the necessary steps to change the ownership of a home or premises.
  • We advise without cost, of all matters that are necessary and are related to the Community.
  • We have a direct insurance agency with the OCASO Company, where we offer home or life insurance, at competitive prices for the communities we administer, offering direct service to the Community, as well as to the owners who want to benefit from significant discounts, avoiding unnecessary cost overruns in most policies.
  • We have 24h service for emergency calls.
  • This Administration has a liability of 300.000€

Our doors are open for all communities of owners who wish to, consult our services and check for themselves, that we are close to the client, and that one of the basic pillars of our work is the maximum dedication and exclusive follow-up to each One of the clients, and something very important, we step on the street.

All this contributes to trying to increase our competitiveness and the quality of the services we provide, in order to consolidate ourselves as a leading company in the sector.



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